Empowered Women's Expo, State College, PA 

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Monteca Confer

Session Title: Gems of wisdom:  Loving, Laughing and delighting your way to success

Description: You'll learn simple, basic, super important ways in which to make customers feel beautiful and special and important. Little touches which are big. Basics of how we treat friends and family, and then doing that with your customers -- thus creating a real family of customers whom you love, and who in turn love you (you do the loving first!). We'll talk about making laughter, and fun, and all the emotions which we humans are, the real foundation of your business. We'll talk about loving customers, how to love them, why love them ... and how love and laughter can and will make your business grow.

Bio: I love people. I've always loved people. I love life. I love jewelry. I have two incredible parents who built a cool jewelry store where we laugh and love and cry with out customers, and bring the magic of fine jewelry into their lives, and they share their beautiful lives with us.