Empowered Women's Expo, State College, PA 

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Liz Holtzinger

Session Title: Some Assembly Required!


Description: What’s your Success Story? Or do you think you don’t have one because all you see in your life is a host of “failures”—failed relationships, failed classes, failed at work…Learn how to re-examine “failure” and see that your life is really one GIANT SUCCESS STORY—and that story was cultivated through some failure.


Bio: “Some Assembly Required”--  three words that are the bane of parents’ existence on Christmas morning. Seriously who’s got time for that at 4:00 AM December 25th?
Life’s like that, too—Some Assembly is Required-- piecing a life together is arduous work particularly when all the pieces don’t fit together according to the “instructions.”
Over 47 years, I’ve assembled myself to include being a business partner, Director of Pedagogical Development (say what?!?), Professor, Editor, business owner, manager, bartender, “perfectly-dressed Sales Associate” (yup, it’s a real thing), and reporter.   Then add personal assembly:  the roles of girlfriend, widow, wife (it’s really not as complicated as it might seem, I swear!); daughter, sister, niece, cousin, granddaughter, aunt; yogi, CrossFitter, powerlifter, bodybuilder, basketballer; cat Mom, dog Mom, and fish Mom—but never Mom, yet an aspiring Gramma (are you intrigued yet?!?!)…
Some pieces fit. Others were missing and some have been happily left behind… Yet the assembled pieces add up to much than simply Liz.  Liz is more than just “Liz.”  She’s a work in progress . . some assembly – Still required!