EWE was the very first expo I’ve participated in and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  I had the opportunity to meet many amazing women, my business received excellent exposure, and by the end of the day I felt incredibly empowered. Because of my experience at EWE, all other expos I attend have a lot to live up to!

Pick ‘em Up Productions  (State College)

It was a GREAT event. A Great Positive Experience. Bringing Women business owners together for the Good of the Cause. Meeting some of the women was really nice…and the Speakers were great, too. I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Wouldn’t miss it this year and will bring others. Thanks so much.


I will have to say this has been the best EWE yet! I am a super shy person – I have a hard time talking to new people and obviously speaking…but maybe because I decided that I needed to open up and not be so shy…I learned and met so many people. This year I made some AMAZING contacts and great leads. More importantly for me though was the education!  I think Michelle and Erika’s presentations were unbelievable! I LOVED them. They gave enough information that made you want more from them (meetings, etc).  I think it went over flawlessly and loved it! I think having the VP of Starbucks there was such an awesome experience and the two ladies (Michelle and Patty) were great and had some awesome “think abouts” and made you really start looking at how to approach things. GREAT speakers!

http://ussofpa.squarespace.com/ (State College)

When I first heard of this amazing new event that would involve women business owners from our area and the surrounding ones I knew immediately that this was something I wanted to be involved in! In belonging to WiNGs I have seen firsthand what a group of strong, business minded, and supportive women can do. With this being the first event of this kind I attended for my business I was not sure what to expect but I quickly learned that it would be a positive and uplifting day shared by all. As the day wore on I was able to meet more and more women who were all balance being a Mom, wife, sister, and friend with that of running a successful business, it was amazing to have met them all. I made many connections and was able to grow my business thanks to the EWE and I am looking forward to attending it again in 2010!

Owner/Chief Instructor, Monarch Martial Arts Academy, www.mmaakarate.com (State College)

EWE provided me a pool of other women just like myself. It was a boost of energy to be around other successful and inspirational women. Can’t wait for the next one.


S & A Homes Realtor (State College)

Attending the EWE was an amazing experience! As a new businesswoman, I’m faced with a ton more questions than answers. The EWE provided me with a jam-packed day of information, lessons and networking. It would have taken me months to learn what I learned during one day at the conference. I loved that there was a broad range of speakers throughout the day. Not only did I learn about the professional side of running a business, but I also learned how to successfully balance my time with all of the other hats I need to wear as a female. Overall it was very beneficial and I would definitely recommend it to any new businesswoman.


Maria Welch Photography, www.mariawelch.com (Lock Haven)

You did it again! FANTASTIC! EWE was life-changing for me. I’ve never been around that many women before who were so passionate about their businesses and careers. It was really a wakeup call for me to ask myself, “What am I really passionate about?”  “Am I doing what I was created to do?” I did a lot of evaluating after the expo and made some significant changes, and I’m on my way to who I’m supposed to be. Thank you for stepping out into your dreams to make this conference happen. I can’t wait to see how it grows and affects more women in future years.”

State College

“I am still amazed at the great job you did with yesterday. I have been to a lot of conferences, and this one is up there with the very best. I doubt folks realize how much effort goes into such an event, but I do.”

VP Starbucks (Seattle, Washington)

The EWE was extremely empowering and inspirational. I felt the energy for months afterwards and look forward to this year’s event.

Penn State Small Business Development Center, sbdc.psu.edu (State College)

EWE provided a wonderful opportunity for me to network with other women entrepreneurs, especially important since I have recently joined those ranks myself. I actually made several new professional friends as a result of this experience. And, I gained confidence in what I am trying to do with my business. It was time well spent!


Chrysalis Life Coach