Our speakers bring a wealth of knowledge to share at EWE!  Speakers below are from 2016…Would you like to present in 2017?  

020DSC_9965 copyJessica Dolan

Welcome from EWE Creator

 Jessica Dolan, Bringer of Order for Room to Breathe Home Organizing & Staging and  Creator of the EWE, is what some might call an anal retentive, neat freak. Jessica  completely agrees with those people and has decided to use these attributes to create a  business she’s truly passionate about. Life is simply too short to not to do the things you  want to do. Living a simple, organized life is the key to getting everything out of life and  more!

 In addition to creating the EWE, Jessica is Past  President, VP and a founding member of  WiNGs, founding creator of the Simplicity Seekers (a non-profit support group), a 2015 Foremost Under 40, 2014 Women Making a Difference Recipient,  a 2008  PA’s Best 50 Women in Business Recipient, 2008 Top 100 Business, 2008 Leadership  Centre County Graduate, a 2007 Entrepreneur of the Year nominee and featured by Women’s Day magazine and Family Circle.

 While she doesn’t have any children, she does have two wild and crazy dogs and an ADD cat to keep her very busy. Thanks to her simple life, she has extra time each day to enjoy long, mountain hikes. Jessica believes that getting back to nature is essential to living a full and happy life.




Kris Hanahan
Emcee EWE 2016

Kris head shot 50K

Kris Hanahan is a REALTOR at RE/MAX Centre Realty in State College, PA.  She served as the Centre County Association of REALTORS President in 2014, and has also served the PA REALTOR Association as a Board member for 2 years.  Kris has lived in the State College area for 28 years, during which time she has been involved in many volunteer roles including Children’s Miracle Network Golf Tournament Volunteer Coordinator, Booster Club President for SCAHS Boys Volleyball and Boys Cross Country teams, and SCAHS Thespians (BRAVO) support and fundraising.

Kris thrives on motivating others and helping them manage transition and change, and works to encourage those around her to consciously focus on the positive.  Kris believes that humor and fun are essential elements in living a full life, and hopes to help others find a balance between work and play.


Stephanie Yost
Gumtree Growth
Opening Keynote

Embracing the Wild Woman Within

The term ‘inappropriate”just may be the modern day chastity belt which is frequently used to keep ourselves and other women under socially acceptable (translation: BORING and predictable) lock and key. Learn how this common notion may be running you without your awareness and what you can do to free yourself to experience more overall fulfillment, closer relationships, and a most gratifying career. This shift in perspective most likely will even amp up your sex life. You have access to one of the greatest treasures on this earth right inside of you in the form of La Loba (the Wild Woman) and her gifts are patiently awaiting, right beneath the surface for you to claim them.

Stephanie Yost, CPCC is a certified (certifiable?) kick-ass life coach, a messy mom, a grieving daughter and an emotional partner and friend learning how to continually open her heart to life and love with full-out, playful embodiment.

With almost 2Sym headshot0 years of experience in women’s empowerment, she guides women to their edges of breakthroughs and breakdowns, serving as midwife to their gifts and passions so the rest of the world can experience the fruits of their labors.

When Stephanie is not coaching women to relate from their core and live by their own rules, she is exploring her own edges through relationships, on and off her yoga mat or on the ecstatic dance floor in the foothills of Boulder, CO.

She believes that women only improve with age and that radical self-care is the secret to the universe. Connect with Stephanie on Facebook, join her local women’s group, Women on the Edge, or receive her monthly life leadership newsletter, Bloom, at Gumtree Growth. More testimonials and her professional manifesto can be found at The Whole Life Coach.

Stephanie recently took on the role of Human Resources Director for Gaia.  She is excited to bring a new element to the corporate world.



 Kathryn headshot

Kathryn Ross
Kross Strategies, LLC

Confidence Compounded: Increasing Our Confidence as Women, as Entrepreneurs, as Women Entrepreneurs

Women today are better educated and more well qualified that ever before, yet even the most successful women in the world battle self-doubt in their personal and professional lives. The impact of confidence on our success and the businesses we are leading manifests itself in many ways. Through her presentation Kathryn seeks to empower women entrepreneurs to increase their self-assurance in all situations through humorous perspective, business practices acumen, and tactics for limiting the internalizing cultural stereotypes that often hold women back.

Kathryn Ross has 25 years of B2B and B2C sales and marketing experience leading award-winning teams for Fortune 500 companies, advertising agencies, and media entities as well as small- to mid-sized companies. Kathryn doesn’t just talk about sales, she develops and implements innovative revenue strategies from the ground up! It’s a skill that she now leverages on behalf of small to mid-size companies when they are seeking sales and revenue expertise.

But don’t just take our word for it! Kathryn is well-known for national achievements in the development of new business models that lead directly to increased revenues for leaders in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, financial services, luxury products, environmental services, building supplies, and interior furnishings.

Kathryn is Founder and President of Kross Strategies, LLC, a strategy firm focused on increasing profitable growth for her clients by providing outsourced Chief Revenue Officer services. Her firm aligns a CEO’s vision with Operations and Finance to successfully develop, implement, and execute actionable sales and marketing plans without the commitment of full-time overhead.

Kathryn is an inveterate traveler, so when she isn’t hiking her puppy (Lucy Lou)  you will find Kathryn planning her next adventure abroad.


Kelley Keller
Kelley Keller Law

LIFT Your Business and Your Life: How to Build a Solid Legal, Insurance, Finance, and Tax (LIFT) Foundation

In this workshop, attorney Kelley Keller shares what it takes to start—or grow—your business on a foundation that supports your goals and encourages you to step out into the world with confidence.

You’ll discover:

  • How to control the four cornerstones of proper business building: legal, insurance, finance, and tax—your LIFT Foundation
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when starting a business
  • How taking care of your business supports your work and your family life
  • How understanding your business allows you to own your seat at the table and propels you to the success you want

Whether you’re a new business owner or you’ve been in business for years, Kelley will help you look at the parts of your business that are so often overlooked or ignored. You’ll learn which areas of your business need attention and the steps to take to nurture them so you can build a business that stands the test of time.

Kelley Keller, Esq. is a 20-year veteran of the intellectual property law field with experience helping businesses of all sizes (including many household brands during her tenure in big name Washington, DC law firms) identify, manage, and protect their trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets. After years of working with businesses to help them profit from their innovations, she realized that she could help entrepreneurs so much more if she expanded her law practice (which she opened in 2010) to serve business owners and their families.

Kelley rebranded her law firm to Kelley Keller Law in 2016, and today, she provides business, intellectual property, and estate planning legal services to clients in Pennsylvania where her firm is based and throughout the country. She’s on a mission to deliver affordable, end-to-end legal services for creative professionals, digital entrepreneurs and their families so they can build solid foundations and make their big dreams a reality.

Kelley uses a holistic approach to practicing law that prioritizes building relationships with her clients, looking at the whole picture rather than individual transactions, and ensuring clients are positioned for success in both their business and personal lives. To that end, she offers legal services, business legal coaching, legal life planning, and education through her website KelleyKeller.com.


Jill YeskoJill headhsot
Discover Organizing

The Power of Productivity™

This interactive, engaging presentation teaches participants how to become more productive in their work environment.  Discover the three most powerful things you can do to get more done at work, while learning technology and calendar tools, time management “musts,” and team communication strategies that will boost personal and group productivity! Jill will also illustrate how to transform any office space for maximum productivity, including eliminating clutter, time-wasters, and interruptions.

Jill Yesko is a Certified Professional Organizer and President of Discover Organizing Inc., headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Prior to operating her company in 2003, Jill was a Human Resources Director, and way before that, she was a highly underpaid (but happy) social worker. She is the extremely proud (and single) mother of two very smart kids.

Jill employs a team of experienced professional organizers that help people organize, downsize, and manage their time, photos, possessions and productivity at home and in the office.  In addition to being a Certified Professional Organizer, she is also a Certified Personal Photo Organizer.  Jill is an active member of NAIPC, NAPO, NASMM, and APPO.  Jill is a member of the National Speakers Association and gives presentations to national conferences for multiple associations, as well as locally in Pittsburgh to various companies and groups. She has a greeting card line, Clearly Noted Cards, that specializes in encouraging people to meet their personal and professional goals.  She is writing a book, called, “Pull Yourself Together”, to help women to become more resilient and organized.

In other words, Jill doesn’t sleep.


Joan Karp
KarpFit (formerly Blueberry Hill Academy)

Unleashed…Unleash your inner bad-ax and discover how strength gain is a total game-changer.

If I were to believe the magazine articles, splashy headlines, and advertisements that bombard me daily, I’d have a terribly anemic view of a woman’s capacity for anything more than quick-fix dieting, dress size hysteria, and thigh gaps. Silly world. You continually underestimate the wild and awesome strength of woman, and you miss, entirely, the rich tapestry of why exercise and self-care matter. Why might we strive to be strong? Because women in pursuit of strength have intimate knowledge that they can face down challenges, push through, press on, and come out the other side with confidence and renewed faith in their ability to achieve monumental things. I look forward to joining you at the EWE and sharing with you what I love most in the whole world: connecting women to their inner bad-ax! Physical strength goes far beyond the gym. Strong women move mountains. Let’s do this. Boom!

Joan headshot

As a mother of three teens, an avid open water swimmer, a former NCAA All American, a triathlete, a keeper of bees, a wife of 21 years, a lover of lifting heavy chit, a personal, group, and online fitness trainer, a backyard chicken farmer, and sucker for fermented foods, I’ve spent a lifetime investigating strength and vibrant life. In 2006 I started my own training and bootcamp business in honor of my father, who set a beautiful example of what it meant to live a life with mindful attention to mind, body, and spirit. I can’t believe how fortunate I am to now get to spend my days training with the most wonderful people. I am so blessed. My hope is for every human being to live life to their fullest potential. I believe that those of us fortunate enough to have bodies that function as they (mostly) should, have the responsibility to move our bodies in a way that honors the elegance of the human form. Connect with me at  www.facebook.com/KarpFit and visit KarpFit.com to learn more about what some of my beautiful training partners have discovered on their strength journeys. I can’t wait to meet you at the EWE!

“Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”  -Mary Oliver





Closing Keynote
Susan Russell
School of Theater, Penn State University


Last year Susan wowed all of us with her impressive closing keynote.  So much so that we’ve been hard pressed to find an act that could top her.  We’ve decided to invite her for an encore that will be sure to inspire, impress and motivate!

Susan graduated summa cum laude with a PhD in Theatre Studies from Florida State University in 2008, and in 1979 she received her BA in Theatre from St. Andrews University in Laurinburg,
20160219_sruss_0028_FNL_HR copyNC. Between educational pursuits, she experienced a twenty-five year career as a professional actor on and off-Broadway, in regional theatre and at opera companies across the country. As a professional playwright, her works Olympia (1998) and Present Perfect (1999) have been produced by the Emerging Artist Theatre in New York City and Lincoln Center, her play Severe Clear was a semi-finalist in the 2006 O’Neill Theatre Center Playwriting Competition, and her 2009 play Ecoute: Pieces of Reynaldo Hahn, starring PSU School of Music faculty member Norman Spivey, toured 40 venues in the United States.  In 2007 she created CULTURAL CONVERSATIONS, which is a new visual, theatre, and dance festival devoted to promoting and fostering new works that circle themes of global and local diversity. Her 2010 and 2011 books Body Language: Cultural Conversations Reaching Out and Reaching In and Body Language: Stop the Violence and Start the Conversation are provided free of charge to school systems and community organizations, and the books offer day by day templates on how to use playwriting, media, and public performance to explore the social issues that affect middle and high school students. Dr. Russell was honored in 2012 with the Penn State Commission For Women’s Faculty Award for her work on women’s issues at Penn State University and in the surrounding community, in 2013 she was selected as one of the Faces of Penn State, and in 2014, Russell was appointed as The 2014-2015 Penn State Laureate. During her Laureate year, Dr. Russell brought all of the Penn State campuses together in an ongoing conversation about Dignity. To join the conversation, visit dignity.psu.edu. Dr. Russell teaches playwriting, History of American Musical Theatre, Women in Theatre, and graduate literature and criticism seminars in ancient theatre theory, history, and practice.